photo by Russell White. Burketown, Australia 2009.

This blog began in 2009 with clouds. I received a Watson Fellowship to spend one year traveling around the world exploring how unusual clouds affect the people that live beneath them.  I traveled to Australia to see the morning glory cloud, to Sweden to see nacreous clouds (my favorite clouds), and also to Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, and Scotland. If you're looking for a good place to start, try here.  From that journey, I just haven't put the pen (or camera) down. This blog is about making the world a more interesting place. Thanks for stopping by.

the writer

My name is Laura. I've always been intrigued by the narratives of places. I love the wildness of the South and its many strains of music. I'm curious about how our experiences with wonder and beauty influence how we live. My home is in Sharpsburg, Georgia, but I now live in Tennessee. When I'm not working, I fill my time with fiddle music, old ballads, and long romps on country roads.

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