28 November 2011

out of a front

Mmm, been thinking of clouds lately. Yesterday, we zipped home from Cumberland Island in a Cessna 206 and flew out of a front. When we looked back behind us, a sheet of white cloud on an otherwise gray day was floating along behind us. Someone said "A Morning Glory!" and for a moment I was back in Burketown in that blue and white Grob. But this one had no lift. We were jostled and jerked, like we were inside a coke bottle being shaken up.

Now, home. It's home to the rain, the leaky roof, the busy present-preparing workshop in my square yellow room, on my square yellow table. And lots of friends to make me merry and celebrate this wonderful time of year.

p.s. - This photo was originally posted here, from a walk in Lost Cove.  No connection, just a pretty thought.

09 November 2011

Mumsy's swamp

Mumsy wears white every day. Her lips are the same shade of pink as they were forty-five years ago. Once, they discontinued her lipstick color and her grand-daughter made her a new tube by melting down the stubs of her old lipsticks in the microwave and pouring them into a new lipstick mold. She eventually found another color that was similar.

Mumsy has lived by the swamp for about thirty-five years. When one of her sons was in high school he built an 800-foot boardwalk that leads straight into it and almost to the other side. It took him four years.  Her husband drew with colorful pastels. He built her house. His name was Neil Nehrbass. Hers is Janet. Everybody calls her Mumsy.
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