19 November 2013

A new home for Swooning Blue

Howdy folks.

As you might know, Trae and I are taking off for Europe soon, and we'll be posting lots of photos and stories from our trip. But before we go, I've decided to move the blog!

You can now find it at www.swooningblue.com. I'm testing out a new website host, so I appreciate your patience as I work out the kinks. Hopefully, this will be a better platform for us to share our travels with you. I'd love your feedback!



04 November 2013

Quilting with Maura Grace Ambrose of Folk Fibers

This quilt pattern is called Log Cabin.

Life is happening so fast -- it's hard to keep track of it all. In the past month, I've gotten married, traveled to Portland, Maine, buried my grandparents on my mom's side, spent a fleeting day at Disney world (yup, I said Disneyworld), attended a quilting workshop in Austin, signed our house over to two (very lovely) renters for a year, moved into Trae's dad's place, and started two new work projects. Tomorrow, we will have been married one month. But before I go any further, I wanted to share this lovely experience in Austin last weekend. We learned how to dye fabric with indigo:

Our indigo-stained clothespins.
We learned how to piece together a Log Cabin Quilt:

Pinning the quilt together.
We learned about the lovely qualities of the Japanese sashiko thread:

And marveled at Maura's excellent handiwork on projects like this:

Maura made this flag and taught us how to bind the edges.
We stitched together our quilt top and marveled at the outcome:

Marveling at our handiwork.
Before getting to work quilting it by hand on a frame, where we talked and shared stories about our lives:

All thanks to this lovely lady who helped us understand how to do it:

Maura Grace Ambrose, at her Bernina sewing machine.

Maura is a very skilled quilt maker (check out her lovely work) and even more, a patient and charming teacher. I came away inspired and wanting very badly to begin a quilt of my own.  Trae and I are headed on our honeymoon in December (for three months!), so I think it will have to be a project that I start when we return.  In the meantime, I'll be dreaming of all the lovely patterns...like this one. Or this. Or these.

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