28 April 2013

Here & There: Thoughts from springtime

It has been getting greener by the minute here. One day, these vines did not exist, the next day, they were all over the telephone wires. Here are a few images from the past few weeks, from instagram.

 For some reason, I get hungry for egg salad when it gets warm out.

Pollen coated every surface of this neighborhood for days, until a rain shower washed it all away.

Cat got a mouse, left it on the doormat. (Notice the pollen?)

 A trip down to Charleston to see family. This was a wall in a restaurant.

15 April 2013

Last hour in Charleston

A whirlwind of a weekend, zipping down to Charleston and back to see happy cousins, eat lots of seafood, and hunt for the perfect benne wafer with my grandparents. I'd never been before. I also never knew that my grandparents had eaten beaver tail (and liked it). It came up during breakfast, when we saw alligator on the menu (which they've also eaten, but did not like). The last hour I was there, I strolled around the battery.

And then I saw this:

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