Morning Glory!

6:14 a.m. 20 September 2009. Burketown.
Morning Glory hunting. lenticular-crowned cumulus on the dawn's horizon. Jabiru taxiing [runway] 21. We're on deck.

I jotted these notes this morning before we took off. Three and a half hours later, we landed the motor glider on runway 03. We had used 10 liters of fuel. And had soared this:

Morning Glory, running roughly north-south. On the leading edge, we were able to get up to 9 knots of lift at times.

looking the other direction, you can see a gap where lenticular clouds are beginning to assemble

as we approached the "lennies," the lift became a bit more elusive

behind the primary Morning Glory, a secondary cloud rolling only a few miles behind

I posted a couple videos from the flight here.

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