old friends

You forget how well old friends know you. Friends you haven't spoken to in years. Friends you were close to at some pivotal moment. As teenagers. Young adults.

An old friend visited me yesterday. We were high school pals. And it's funny, you think sometimes that you will have to explain so much to each other after a long silence. You think you're going to have this distance, because you've become your adult self in an entirely different setting, with an entirely different group of friends and influences.

But then you see each other, and apart from filling in the timeline of what has happened and when, you forget that you're already so familiar. You witnessed each other become the deep down you. You had those teenage conversations about the world and your place in it. And no matter what has happened since, you still get each other.

I may not know how you take your coffee, or if you even drink coffee, but I know about your worries and fears, your hopes and dreams. What makes you come alive. I think it's rare and refreshing to re-meet someone you know so few superficial details about but know so well at heart.

It was nice to see you again.


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