A walk in the woods, an old house site

When I wanted to find stories as a kid, I walked into the woods. Not because people lived there, but because they had lived there, and evidence of it was everywhere. There were bottles half buried in the dirt, rusty moonshine stills beside streambeds, lumps of crumbling bricks beneath the leaves, patterned indentions in the ground, old wells. There were certain signs I came to recognize that indicated a house had stood there. English ivy and daffodils are pretty common. Last Sunday, I wandered around in one of Duke's forest tracts and found this old house site.

It leaves a lot up to your imagination...


  1. I've always loved coming on old house sites in the woods- rock walls and daffodils in particular. It is easy to feel surrounded by past lives and people in our woods- and that is usually a comforting thing...

  2. I've always loved it too.. and it's fun thinking of the people and what life was like at the time they lived there, especially when you're way back in the woods in places that are hard to imagine anyone living.

  3. Me too. It's fun to find little clues - a broken bottle or an interesting piece of china - and picture an entire family there, using those things. Thanks for your comments.


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