Bacon ends, not Baking Hens

The Ladies Petroleum Club: L to R, Peggy Heth, Donna Peterson, Linda Alton, Sylvia McCauley, Steph Elinger (president), Wendy Bauste.

For 60 years, the Ladies Petroleum Club has been meeting once a month to share meals, play cards, host dances, and hang out.  They formed in 1952 as a social club for the wives of oilfield workers. Sylvia McCauley has been a member since 1965. I sat down with her a recent meeting and she shared her thoughts about what it has been like to be a member of the Ladies Petroleum Club for nearly 50 years.

Hear the story below:

An oil derrick and a rose.
This story was made for Black Gold Boom, an interactive radio and multimedia project documenting the impact of the oil boom in North Dakota, funded by Localore. You can listen to other stories I've made in North Dakota here and here.


  1. Laura... Is it true, have you left Chattanooga for the time being? What a shame that I did not get to spend much time with you. Do you have a mailing address?

    Once again I see nothing but a blank screen where it says I could listen to your story.Is there another place to go where I could listen to them? I hope you are well, and I really enjoy reading your postings.


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