Alabama Shakes - Brittany Howard

I've always been fascinated by the places people appear to go to when they're playing music. Some people disappear into their own little worlds. Some people find have to make an effort to connect to their audience. Some people just take the song and own it. And I love that. A song is a feeling and a place, and the best singers and musicians are loyal to the song before anything else. They escape into the music, even before a huge audience. And that's why I love this video, aside from the fact that it's a song I completely dig.

Also,  how awesome is it that she rocks the song without being sex symbol?  She's wearing a plain T-shirt and black pants and just blows the world away. No makeup, no sexy get-up. Not that those things are bad, but I love that she feels comfortable and confident enough to perform in her own style and buck the norm of female singers being decked out in fashionable clothing and makeup.

Go, Brittany!

Have you seen this video before? What do you think?


  1. Man... Go Brittnay is right! That gal gave me chills as soon as she started singing. Thanks for sharing that Laura.

  2. I could watch this over and over. She just blows me away.


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