oysters, music, a family to live for

I love hanging out with my family. I know I'm a little biased, but I think they're some of the best folks around. Each Thanksgiving, after spending a week on Cumberland Island with all 28 of them, I come away with enough memories to last me another year. This year, notable ones included digging for clams and oysters off Burbank Point,

Thanks to my cousin Alden for this picture!

playing music with the family around a fire one evening, roasting fresh oysters, coming upon a bald eagle walking on the beach, spending time with the residents from the south end of the island (and making more music with them), hiking among huge twisted live oaks and scratchy palmettos and mushy sand dunes, and hanging out with the newest member of the family, a wide-eyed two-month old boy.

(and thanks to Trae for this one)

I wish I could show you photos of everyone and everything, but I'll just post some highlights here.

Trae at the marsh at dusk (when the Spartina turns gold)
Wild things often end up in our kitchen, thanks to Richard and Carroll, who like to forage for tasty food
my brother Richard on banjo
my grandparents with my sister Callan and Bentley
Dad adding oil to the plane before take off

Stripping a sparkleberry tree to make a walking stick
A burst of healthy Red Bay trees, unusual since most of them are dying from a fungus called Laurel wilt.

and my family, after digging for clams and mussels
Thanks family for another great year!

p.s. - as I write this post, there are Sandhill Cranes flying over Chattanooga! I can hear their trilly voices from inside the house.


  1. Oh Laura, it was so good to get a glimpse of such a sweet time spent with family. By the looks of it I'd say they're keepers. It sounds like such a fun time spent on Cumberland together, how nice to have that to look forward to each year!

  2. Hey Ashley, Glad you enjoyed it! I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with cheer, too!

  3. Beautiful! I think your family got a perfect Christmas card pic there!

  4. Thanks, Lisa! Merry Christmas!


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