Happy Thanksgiving

It's not fig season anymore, but this is what the fig trees look like right now. After the first frost, they drop most of their leaves and remain dormant until spring. These trees are on Crabtree Farms, a nonprofit educational farm in Chattanooga.  There's still a bit of green fruit on the tops of some branches. Pretty, huh?

This Thanksgiving, like every year, I'll go to south Georgia to be with my extended family. It's beautiful this time of year, and we have a tradition of designing elaborate scavenger hunts that involve lots of running around and roaming the woods to find (or do) unusual things. Last year, one of the items on the list was skinny-dipping in a lake full of alligators. My grandmother happily complied. This year...who knows?!  It's not a game for the faint-hearted, but always ends up being memorable.

Any unusual Thanksgiving traditions in your family?


  1. I must say, your grandmother is a lot braver then I. What a fun tradition!

  2. She's quite a sport! Hope y'all had a nice Thanksgiving.


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