It Takes an Island...

In April, I spent a hunk of time traveling from Portland, Maine to Swan's Island, a tiny island about half-way up the coast. To get there, I'd drive to a dock four hours north, wait on a ferry, then ride it 35 minutes out to the island, 7,000 evergreen acres 6 miles out to sea. I did it to make a story about two inspirational and entertaining women, both residents of Swan's Island, and both a part of a story that is unfolding on many other islands and rural communities where healthcare is scarce and kind people are abundant.

Theo is 95. She doesn't have hospice care. She doesn't employ nurses. She has good neighbors. Here's a story about Theo and her neighbor Donna, who often acts as Theo's caretaker and a little bit more, a woman who helps her sort pills and also makes sure she's wearing the right sized slippers.

Happy listening.


  1. thanks Laura! I really enjoyed that- a really nice story, three great ladies, and very good sound!


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