out of a front

Mmm, been thinking of clouds lately. Yesterday, we zipped home from Cumberland Island in a Cessna 206 and flew out of a front. When we looked back behind us, a sheet of white cloud on an otherwise gray day was floating along behind us. Someone said "A Morning Glory!" and for a moment I was back in Burketown in that blue and white Grob. But this one had no lift. We were jostled and jerked, like we were inside a coke bottle being shaken up.

Now, home. It's home to the rain, the leaky roof, the busy present-preparing workshop in my square yellow room, on my square yellow table. And lots of friends to make me merry and celebrate this wonderful time of year.

p.s. - This photo was originally posted here, from a walk in Lost Cove.  No connection, just a pretty thought.


  1. A Morning Glory in the Good Ole. Well I'll be!

  2. Not really. Nothing like the real deal. But it was pretty. (and I like to dream...)


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