"We think by feeling. What is there to know?"

We start out doing it for our self.  Humming. Not because the trees are listening, the walls have ears, but because we do.  We are. We go.  We make.

And after a while, we learn different melodies, we might learn how to whistle, to trill the ends a little, to respond, add, incorporate, grow. 

And after a while, when we can't remember how or why it all began (because why does it matter?  who needs to know those things?  you hum because you hum)  inevitably, someone hears you. And they stop, they listen, and maybe they say something, maybe they say nothing.  But now it is no longer your humming.  It has crawled into the ear of someone else.

And, after a while, perhaps a handful of people - through whatever medium, in passing or intentionally - have heard your song.  And some of them (bless them) have told you.  It is beautiful.  Thank you. For being. And this is the highest compliment you could ever receive.  You hum because you do, because you are; humming is as inseparable from your self as a scent from its flower.  And someone said thanks.

Learn where the title came from here.

The photo was taken last year in Burketown, Australia by Russell White and can be found in this gallery on his website.


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