a lucid moment

I realize my posts have been sparse lately (what a classic way to begin a post, right? I feel like every blog author has to say this at least once, the coming-to-terms-with-ones-blog-keeping-duties post). I think the next line goes something like, "I've been really busy lately (you wouldn't believe the number of clouds I've had to watch) and traveling with no computer makes things tricky, especially the whole posting photos part." Okay, done. Whew.

The real story is this: I haven't put my pen down. It's just that paper is easier to come by than electricity and wifi in most of the places I've lived, and so now that I have better access to both, I've resolved to post some of the bits and bobs I've omitted over the past several weeks. Old posts might sprout photos. New ones will appear. If you are reading this, read on! Like this island's dear (cursed?) volcano, I, too, have been dormant. But don't worry. I doubt my eruption will wreak as much havoc. I mean, I hope to wreak havoc - to let loose! to tear it up! However, my writing tends to be a tad less directly confrontational. So don't cancel your flights. I wouldn't even bother buying travel insurance. But I am posting again, so don't say I didn't warn you...


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