histogram schmistogram

If you happen to know a thing or two about photography, you may be casting a critical eye on this picture, thinking: there's nothing like a blazing ball of fire to throw off your histogram. And yesthankyou, I am aware of this. HOWEVER, when you consider the fact that this photo was taken by an Arctic hermit whose skin, after last feeling the sun four weeks ago on an island in the South Pacific, has long forgotten all notion of pigmentation, perhaps you will reconsider the value of this image.  I had to do it.  To document the fact that - YES, THE SUN STILL EXISTS  and yes, dear epidermis, you are still capable of synthesizing vitamin D.  The sun rises, the sun sets, and the world - at least this small corner of it - is a brighter place.


  1. i'm well south of your latitude but the absence of sun through the winter is a huge challenge and i can feel it in my class as the tone and energy levels drop through january february and into march. i love colour and light in the winter all the mor ebecause they are so precious!!! i really get this pictire!! steven


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