across the Tasman, my mind is aswirl with the possibilities of a new place.  Aotearoa. Land of the Long White Cloud.  Yesterday, the sky was raked with altocumulus before it bubbled over with shreds of wooly stratus from the south.  In the evening, lenticular clouds levitated above the hilltops like stacks of red blood cells.  Weather bolts across this place like a jet shadow over the ground.  I'm gathering pieces.  Today, I cross the Southern Alps to collect bits of the west coast from the Cascade Plateau.

Above, a piece of sky from Byron Bay, New South Wales.


  1. i love that you're so inside your knowledge of clouds . . . .i watch them, admire them, photograph them. blog about them, talk about them, drag my kids outside to admire them and watch them and talk about them. but i can't name them. perhaps that's next!!! sweet video!!! steven


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