said I'm comin from the south...

I don't know if there is a musical tradition for this part of the Gulf of Carpentaria, but if there is, the Morning Glory must lilt through it.  And if there isn't, I'll write one. But I'd do that anyway.  Last night we stayed off sleep later than usual I howled tunes from my homeland until we became too sleepy to see.  It felt good.  It felt great.  And it was probably best that we finally turned in because the cloud took us out to sea this morning for another three hour duel with gravity, sans un moteur.  It was the week's third Morning Glory to chase the tail of dawn across the Gulf, this time coming from the south.  We watched the giant roll over us stirring up dust and dew, and took off before it's siblings could do the same.  They took the darkness with them. It's not very often that they blow from the opposite direction like this.

I shot this photo facing east from the ground as the Glory was directly overhead (the darkness is cloud).  It obscured the entire sky for a couple minutes, sparing only two slices of pink twilight on either side.  Soon after this one passed overhead, a few others followed, spaced a few minutes apart.


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