speed on the flats

Yesterday, we spent the "arvo" searching for an abandoned race track. All we found was this. In a couple months, the lake bed will be overflowing.

At dusk, we watched Geoff fly his model airplane across the salt flats. It's a styrofoam getup, with a modified prop and added rudders over the wings, about half a meter long.  If only a glider could pull off those tricks. We watched it with the deep longing to be four centimeters tall.


  1. i love your blog - i visit it for every post. i am not a pilot but the series on the great rolling cloud was absolutely stunning!!! the words and the photographs and the videos. so thanks!!! steven

  2. Hey Cloud Niece,
    I am enjoying the beauty of your words and picts! what a life you are leading soaring on the edge of wonder.
    love ya,
    Uncle Frank


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